PA House Bill 864 (HB864) – Highlights and current Status as of October 11, 2017

We recently spoke with a representative from Senator Mario Scavello’s office regarding the status of PA House Bill 864. The bill is currently in the PA Senate ‘Community, Economic & Recreational Development’ committee.  Senator Scavello is the Chair person for the Community, Economic & Recreational Development committee.

HB864 Memo section references; Pitsburgh Airport 50/50 Raffle. However there are several important Small Games of Chance amendments within the bill that we highlight below.  Please note that we do not discuss the impact of this Bill to the Pittsburgh Airports and 50/50 Raffles in this blog. This blog target audience is fraternal organizations and taverns that have a Small Games of Chance license in PA.

Status of PA House Bill 864

HB864 is expected to have a few amendments in the Senate and will then go back to the PA House where the Bill’s amended content will be expected, reviewed and most likely passed sometime prior to the end of the session which will end in December 2018. The committee will be communicating with the PA House when adding the expected amendments so that the bill will most likely pass thru the House next year without any additional amendments.

Highlights of the current HB864 (Printers no. 2009)

  • ·         Eliminating the Weekly $35,000 Prize limit
  • ·         Organizations with proceeds from games of chance that exceed $60,000 (was $40,000) must have a separate back account used specifically for their SGOC.
  • ·         Currently clubs making more than $20,000 in net proceeds annually are required to file their activity with the PA Department of Revenue. This change raises the amount to more than $30,000.
  • ·         Currently Clubs making $40,000 or less in net proceeds can retain the first $20,000 the following year that will not be subjected to the 60-40 split. Proceeds after $40,000 are subject to the 60-40 split.  HB864 will change the $40,000 to $60,000 and the $20,000 to $30,000. Therefore clubs making $60,000 or less will be able to retain the first $30,000 before being subjected to the 60-40 split.

As noted above we have highlighted House Bill 864 changes that impact our customers. We are optimistic that HB864 (with amendments that have not yet been added) will become law by the end of 2018.

Myers Integrated Systems, LLC is committed in providing you with up to date PA SGOC law changes.  Our Sienna Database System© will be updated with all recording and reporting law changes that may occur.

Note: Most other States such as Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Illinois the gaming is commonly referred to Charitable Gaming. The Sienna POS Ticket system is compatible to meet Reporting requirements for any State in the US.

PA State Senate Session 2017 Schedule is below;

PA Session Schedule