PA Small Games of Chance PA E-Filing Date January 30, 2017

The Department of Revenue has established the E-Filing date for all of our Sienna POS Ticket system and Sienna Ticket system customers.

All club licensees with proceeds in excess of $20,000 in 2016 calendar year are required to submit annual
reports to the Department of Revenue by Feb. 1, 2017, for the 2016 year.

Annual report filing information is accessible at when available.

However those that are E-filing such as our valued Sienna customers that made over $20,000, the Department of Revenue will obtain our customers files on Monday January 30th, 2017.

The PA Department of Revenue will then process and post all of our Sienna customers reports on the PA Department of Revenue’s website on Tuesday January 31st, 2017.

We are currently performing 2016 Pre File Audit reports for our valued customers. If are a current Sienna customer and you have not yet been contacted to discuss the results of your Audit, you will be contacted within the next 7 to 10 days. If for whatever reason we have not contacted you by Friday 1/20/2017 please contact us at 844-GET-SGOC – (844) 438-7462 and we will review your Pre File Audit report results. We are diligent so we expect to have all of our customers reviewed by 1/20/2017.

Please note: All Sienna POS Ticket system and Sienna Ticket system customers simply use our system to manage their Bar’s sales and Ticket activity. Bartender reconcilement for Food and Beverage and Tickets. In addition to being an invaluable tool in identifying employee theft, reconciling previous business day’s activity is a breeze with our Bar Z and Ticket Z reports.
Sienna creates all of the PA BLCE Schedule reports and we E-File on your behalf with the PA Department of Revenue.

Re-Keying your Activity into a 3rd party’s website??  Why??
There is no need to re-key your activity into a website as the activity is already in our Sienna POS Ticket system.
If you are not a Sienna customer and you are paying a 3rd party to re-key into a 3rd party website, you may want to consider re-keying into the State’s website as there is no cost to re-key into the PA Department of Revenue’s website. As mentioned, there is NO re-keying of any activity if you are using our Sienna POS Ticket system or Sienna Ticket system.

Our Daily Drawing Kiosk feature is now available at no additional cost to our customers that are current with their Maintenance and Support. We will be posting a video to our website soon showing the Drawing kiosk while it is being used by one of our customers. The Drawing Kiosk feature eliminates the need for a member to sign a tablet or ‘book’ as the member’s card is scanned and the member is registered for a drawing. Sienna can handle an unlimited number of Daily and/or Weekly Drawings. All activity entered into the Drawing Kiosk is used to create the BLCE Schedule 2C and BLCE Schedule 3 Drawing winners reports. Of course the activity is also reported to the PA Department of Revenue as required, with NO re-keying of activity.

For more information call 844-GET-SGOC – (844) 438-7462 or email

~Think out of the Jar